This project aims to develop a tool to help the healthcare professional provide a better diagnostics and a better therapeutic focus on cancer treatment, and for this universal process to helps elaborate some medical guidelines to be implanted in any healthcare center. It is based on getting a prioritized evaluation of the huge amount of clinical and molecular data that can be generated for a specific patient, that could be applied in any environment and that allows avoiding unnecessary therapies, for any type of cancer.

The precise and individualized diagnostics is still a challenge when treating the oncological patient. Very similar tumors in histopathology and clinical stage might respond to the same therapy in very different ways, so it is necessary to take into account all the variables of the patient, like molecular and genetic markers, etc. On the other hand, the existing treatments are still sub-optimal.

The progress made in the last 20 years in the field of cancer biology and the design of new drugs let us contemplate the practice of an individualized, or personalized, medicine to treat those patients who suffer from tumors with identified therapeutical targets.