Era7 Bioinformatics is an Open Source Company

We are convinced that being Open Source in Bioinformatics is today a “must”:

  • First

    Being open source Era7 can concentrate all the development efforts in innovation, design of new solutions and adaptation to the customer

  • Second

    The customer interested in using bioinformatics software does not want to be dependent on a proprietary technology

  • Third

    And most important, the complexity of the analysis needed for NGS data leads to the necessity of combining different software solutions for developing specific solutions. The best bioinformatics software is Open Source and only can be integrated with other Open Source software applications.

Thus, our vision is:

in Bioinformatics only Open Source applications able to be integrated in an Open Source ecosystem will survive

How Era7 Bioinformatics earns money?

  • Selling services of data analysis

Many of our customers need data analysis and they prefer not to be worried about managing servers, installing the software and having skilled people to run the programs because they only want to analyze data occasionally.  Furthermore, in many cases they take advantage of our complete integrated services.

  • Adapting and integrating our Open Source software

    For other customers, Era7 Bioinformatics staff help them installing, adapting and integrating our Open Source software in their bioinformatics facilities using sometimes our Cloud Services or tailored software development service.

How Era7 Bioinformatics licenses its software?

How Era7 Bioinformatics licenses its software?

In Era7 Bioinformatics we license our developments under the AGPL v3 license: