Oh no sequences! is the research and development group at Era7 bioinformatics

We’ve been doing a lot of R&D at Era7 bioinformatics since the start of the company, but oh no sequences! as a group officially started in the spring of 2011. Some of the research activities of Oh no sequences! group:


Bio4j: We released bio4j with UniprotKB + GeneOntology + NCBI taxonomy + RefSeq + Expasy Enzyme, integrated into a graph DB with easy AWS deployment.


Bg7: We released bg7, our bacterial genome annotation system, designed from the ground up for NGS data.


E. coli German outbreak crowdsourcing: We did a lot of work on the crowdsourced data analysis from the EHEC outbreak: we annotated all released genomes, set up and coordinated the github repository and wiki, ...


More info: http://ohnosequences.com