BG7 is a service providing you the complete solution for de novo bacterial genomes from sequencing to genome annotation.

See also: CG7 Service for Comparative genomics of bacterial genomes and Classical SNP analysis.

Project Design

We design the project for you, understanding your goals, choosing the best technologies, analyzing costs and turnaround times.


We sequence bacterial genomes with PacBio or with illumina depending on your goals


We use the best assembly pipeline for each sequencing technology and for each project

Annotation with BG7 

BG7 is our method specifically designed for bacterial genome annotation of NGS data. During last years we have successfully annotated many bacterial genomes even unknown genomes without sequenced close genomes. BG7 method was published in PLOS ONE:  

Especial annotation for genes of interest

We select the genes of your interest and do a specific annotation for them to provide you with a rich functional data for the genes in which your research is focused.

What sequencing technologies?

We provides bacterial genomes sequencing using illumina and Pacbio sequencing technologies.

Our BG7 method of bacterial genome annotation is equally valid for illumina or PacBio sequenced genomes.

BG7 system for genome annotation of bacteria sequenced with Next-gen sequencing technologies

BG7 is a complete bacterial genome annotation system including exhaustive gene prediction integrated with rich functional annotation. It is specially designed for NGS data. All genes similar to any known gene from any organism can be detected. The system provides a complete genome annotation, even if the genome is fragmented in thousands of contigs.

Features of BG7 annotation system :

  • Tolerant to NGS-specific errors
  • It detects genes even if they are fragmented or have insertions, deletions or substitutions in their sequences
  • ORF prediction based on the detection of similarity with Uniprot proteins
  • Annotation customized to client specific goals: metabolic pathways, antibiotic resistance, vaccine development, virulence genes, secondary metabolite biosynthesis,...

Our results with BG7:

  • A quick and complete annotated genome, close to manually annotated genomes
  • Rich in functional annotations (GO, Interpro, EC, references)
  • Deliverables compliant with freely available tools and browsers: Artemis, Mauve, EBI tools, IGV

Turnaround times for BG7 genome annotation

Independently of the number of genomes we can get turnaround times from even 1 day if the client needs it. Planning the project we could annotate more than 1000 genomes in one day. 

Try with us!  We will accept your challenge


See our Service Bacterial Genomes with PacBio.

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