Era7 Bioinformatics will be for the third time at Festival of Genomics, this time in London, booth number 17



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Eduardo Pareja, Era7 Bioinformatics CEO, and Raquel Tobes, Era7 Bioinformatics Research Director, will attend the Festival of Genomics in London next week.  We will show there a new 16S metagenomics service based on our MG7 method and rich interactive visualisations based on Biographika project.

If you want to sequence and analyse your bacterial de novo genome or you have already sequenced it with illumina or PacBio or other NGS technology, you can visit us at booth #17 and learn how to get the most of your de novo bacterial genomics experiments or comparative genomics projects with our genome annotation service BG7, comparative genomics service CG7 and our new web applications for rich and interactive visualisation.

Interested in Human genomics or cancer genomics? Come and see how Bio4j platform allows us to help in the interpretation of human –omics results. Our Big Data bioinformatics platform Bio4j contains more than two billion relationships and more than one billion attributes and integrates Uniprot, Gene Ontology, RefSeq, Uniref, EnzymeDB and The Taxonomy of the NCBI. 

Precision Medicine, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Open Source are keywords describing Era7 services for human NGS experiments.