Era7 Bioinformatics attended BioSpain 2014, in Santiago de Compostela



Imagen Noticia

Era7 attended BioSpain 2014, which took place from 24 to 26 September 2014 in the Galicia Congress & Exhibition Palace in Santiago de Compostela. Era7 had a booth, in which a large number of people interested in its Bacterial Genomics and Metagenomics services stopped by, and it also took a very active part in the partnering program that was organized.

BioSpain 2014 has been a big success, increasing in this edition compared to the last one by a 43% its internationalization and welcoming more that 2000 attendees and 800 public and private organizations.

Era7 came into contact during the event with companies, hospitals and research centers, both from Spain and abroad. Era7 informed them about its services and also discussed possible collaborations and projects.