Era7’s team writes a chapter about its annotation tool BG7 for the book ‘Bacterial Pangenomics’



Imagen Noticia

Era7 Bioinformatics’ team has recently collaborated in the book ‘Bacterial Pangenomics, Methods and Protocols’ (by A. Mengoni, M. Galardini and M. Fondi) writing one of its chapters: ‘Gene Calling and Bacterial Genome Annotation with BG7’.

‘Bacterial Pangenomics’ provides the most recent methodologies about the study of bacterial pangenomes by covering the three major areas: the experimental methods for approaching bacterial pangenomics, the bioinformatic pipelines for analysis and annotation of sequence data, and finally the methods for inferring functional and evolutionary features from the pangenome.

In the chapter ‘Gene Calling and Bacterial Genome Annotation with BG7’ we describe how to annotate bacterial genomes with BG7, an open-source tool based on a protein-centered gene calling/annotation paradigm. BG7 is specifically designed for the annotation of bacterial genomes sequenced with NGS. This tool is sequence error tolerant maintaining their capabilities for the annotation of highly fragmented genomes or for annotating mixed sequences coming from several genomes (as those obtained through metagenomics samples). BG7 has been designed with scalability as a requirement, with a computing infrastructure completely based on cloud computing. 

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