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Transcriptome analysis for model and non-model organisms

RNA-Seq: unique insights into de novo transcriptomes

A quick and complete analysis of transcriptome data with no need of a reference genome: characterization, functional annotation, gene expression quantification and detection of differentially expressed genes. Next-gen sequencing of transcriptomes can be an easy first approach to get insights into the exomes from unknown genomes.

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Our system

Tolerant to errors inherent to next-gen sequencing
It doesn´t need a reference genome
Customized to client specific goals

Turnaround times:
One transcriptome in two weeks
Transcriptome Express: one transcriptome in one week!


For normalized cDNA libraries:
Gene catalog with rich functional annotation
Exclusive sample gene detection

For non-normalized cDNA libraries:
Rich functional annotation
Gene expression quantification
Differential expression analysis
De novo characterization of your transcriptome
Expresion quantification in RPKM
A quick and complete annotation similar to annotations for model organisms
Rich in functional annotations (GO, Interpro, EC, references, ...)
Deliverables compliant with freely available tools and browsers: Artemis, Mauve, EBI tools, Expasy tools, ...

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RNA-Seq for model organisms

RNA-Seq is the new alternative to microarrays for analyzing gene expression obtaining a quick profiling of your transcriptome and allowing a deep knowledge of specific aspects as:
isoforms expression splice-junctions analysis
regulatory RNAs (smallRNAs, microRNAs, different types of ncRNA)
Gene expression quantification
Analysis of differential expression between different samples


We work with the most advanced pipelines based in programs as Tophat and Cufflinks. We add rich functional data to your results and provide you gene ontology analysis and other complex enrichment studies requested by the client.

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