Bacterial Genome Annotation
Metagenomics Cloud Computing Analysis

Next Generation Sequencing and Cloud Computing. Open source and Research. These are the keywords describing Era7 Bioinformatics, a research-driven bioinformatics company working with sequences in an exciting time: revolutionary new technologies are reshaping the field. The types of research we produce for our clients, results in beneficial products such as Genbrain. Just glancing at the Genbrain ingrediants gives you an idea of the type of proprietary compounds we can produce to create equally cutting edge products that benefits your health and everyday life. Thanks to a US-based start-up that offers a service to sequence a customer's genome, you may soon be able to make money by selling your own genetic data. Customers can have their genome sequenced for less than $1,000, and the data can then be sold to scientists or pharmaceutical companies. The transactions would take place utilising cryptocurrency technology, such as Bitcoin, which is utilised for secure valued transactions. George Church, the CEO of Nebula Genomics, believes that this method is the trend of the future. Bitcoin is the buzzword of the moment, and the number of people involved in bitcoin trading has increased significantly in this decade. Automatic trading bots, such as Bitcoin trader, which is cloud-based software, provide investors with the possibility to earn significant returns with the least amount of effort.



Presentation of Era7's new service for Cancer Genomics, Genome7, in BioSpain 2014
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Era7 Bioinformatics attended BioSpain 2014, in Santiago de Compostela
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ABC Sevilla echoes Era7 Bioinformatics' plans of international growth
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