The design of databases for biological and biomedical data management and analysis is one of our research interests.


ExtraTrain database (, developed by our group, a database of transcription factors and extragenic non-coding regions was published in BMC Microbiology.


We are interested in searching for new paradigms to integrate the different items of knowledge around a protein and especially we are searching new strategies to present the information to the user in a comprehensible form.


Our focus is the design of new interfaces adapted to the human capabilities to recognize patterns or to detect relationships between elements; network representation based on relationships stored in databases and tools to manage these networks are issues of our interest.


We are open to participate in collaborative projects to develop protein or DNA databases.



ExtraTrain: a database of Extragenic regions and Transcriptional information in prokaryotic organisms.
Pareja E, Pareja-Tobes P, Manrique M, Pareja-Tobes E, Bonal J, Tobes R.
BMC Microbiol. 2006 Mar 15;6:29.