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We think that being researchers we can design more useful tools and services for researchers. Besides, we are the first testers of our new developments and innovative services.


As a proof of our comittment to R&D Era7 funds the Era7 Bioinformatics Research Unit, named Oh no sequences! formed by a multidisciplinary team. We could say we love bioinformatics, genomics and category theory.


Oh no sequences! main projects

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Bio4j is a bioinformatics graph based DB including most data available in UniProt (SwissProt + Trembl) plus Gene Ontology (GO) and UniRef (50,90,100). (Manuscript in preparation)



Using BG7 (manuscript submitted) we released a draft annotation of the first strain of the E Coli EHEC O104 causing the last European outbreak. Our BG7 annotation for this first outbreak strain was publicly available the next day of having the first assembly available. And we also set up a public Github repository allowing people around the world to share their own data and analysis in what was later called 'E. coli O104:H4 Genome Analysis Crowdsourcing'. In this repository you can access many data relative to this outbreak:


BG7 annotation system is an open source project in continuous improvement. If you want to know how BG7 works look at:


BG7 is mainly funded by era7 bioinformatics, with partial support from:


Proyecto INNPACTO | brachVac


Nº Expediente: IPT-2011-0735-010000


Título del Proyecto: “Desarrollo de una vacuna “global” frente a Brachyspira hyodysenteriae y Brachyspira pilosicoli mediante análisis pan-genómico estructural y funcional combinado con tecnologías de producción de proteínas recombinantes”




  • MG7:a new cloud computing system for massive analysis of reads from metagenomics samples


Right now we are working on a new system for analysis of metagenomics reads based on the use of cloud computing for the parallel computation of the BLAST similarity in which the inference of function and the assignation of taxonomical origin are based . A special peculiarity of MG7 system is the utilization of a non relational model database. MG7 uses Neo4j database to hold the results of the analysis and to facilitate the querying and the access to the data of the analysis.

The assignation of a read to a taxon in MG7 system is carried out based on the paradigm of the Lowest Common Ancestor.



Oh no sequences! main research lines



We actively participate as a research group in scientific networks, discussion forums and collaborative projects.

And as any other research group, we are interested in collaborating in research projects and in participating in EU projects. Feel free to contact us.





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