Next Generation Sequencing,  Cloud Computing,  Open source and Research. These are the keywords describing Era7 Bioinformatics, a research-driven bioinformatics company working with sequences in an exciting time: revolutionary new technologies are reshaping the field.

Our mission is to help our customers to obtain the maximum value from their NGS projects. For that purpose, we offer help in all the steps of the NGS project being a partner for the complete NGS project.

Integrated Services: We know that the goal of a project is to gain knowledge and for that , it is very important to design accordingly the project, to get a sequence of high quality, to do the analisys using the most advanced methodologies and to be able of managing the results easily. Thus, we like to help along all the process collaborating to the success of the project.

New publication: NGS experiments show a correlation between EGR2 upregulation and recovery from Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

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Era7 Bionformatics research team finds bacterial 16S rRNA in 99 out of 99 Ebola samples in a public dataset

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Era7 is granted with $430 K to develop a bioinformatics platform integrated with the Electronic Health Record for human microbiome analysis

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