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Affymetrix arrays data analysis

Array technologies are advanced technologies. Its complexity requires multidisciplinary expertise to design the experiments, analyze the data and interpret the massive results.

Era7 provides bioinformatics services and expert knowledge to analyze the data and help in the extraction of relevant conclusions. We offer personalized services in these three aspects:


  • experimental design
  • bioinformatics and statistical analysis
  • comprehensive interpretation of data

We offer these three kind of services for all types of Affymetrix arrays: genotyping oriented arrays, expression analysis arrays and gene regulation analysis arrays (ChIP-on-chip technologies)


Experimental design consultancy
The results of the experiments with arrays only answer the questions that were posed during the initial design of the experiments. Planning this kind of experiments is slightly different to plan classic experiment and, in addition, is crucial to choose the exact type of array that fit better with your needs. Era7 can help you in this preliminary and determinant phase helping you to get a better result.
Bioinformatics and statistical analysis
expression data analysis we analyze expression data and carry out functional genomics studies: GO (Gene Ontology) and KEGG (pathways database) term enrichment analysis, analysis of enrichment in genes regulated by specific transcriptional regulators, expression profile analysis and clusterization of genes. This service is specifically oriented to the objectives defined by the client. We also design and develop analysis based on text mining approaches that allow us to reveal associations of some genes with keywords related to the object of study. This service is totally oriented to clinical or biological experimental researchers to improve the extraction of knowledge from the data.
genotyping data analysis We offer statistical consultancy and high throughput computation to develop genome scale association studies. We develop databases especially designed for array data management (See the databases section). We can help you in the adaptation of your data to accepted standards
Expert interpretation of the data
In many cases the interpretation of the results of an array experiment require specialized knowledge to extract conclusions using hypothesis driven strategies that are not totally systematic. In these cases expert knowledge is needed to detect an interesting result and for posing an hypothesis with biological sense. Era7 offers a service of expert data interpretation within the knowledge areas of Bacterial genomics and Immunology (See Era7 team publications).