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HIV analysis

NGS technologies allow the quantification and characterization of HIV quasi-species through the sequencing of viral target genes. NGS technologies like Roche 454 is able to detect rare genetic variants even if they constitute as little as 1% of the population.


Era7 Bioinformatics provides assessment and consultancy to manage this kind of NGS sequences, designing and developing specific studies with these HIV sequences. The length of the reads allows the direct determination of haplotypic combinations of polymorphisms. The statistics analysis of different haplotypes present in the patients’ samples and of their association with drug resistance could provide clues to improve clinical treatment of AIDS.


We also provide consultancy for experimental design of clinical studies and for the extraction of results with clinical meaning. In collaboration with our department of software Era7 Bioinformatics can design and implement databases specifically devoted to genotyping projects oriented to obtain more personalized treatments.