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Next Generation Sequencing has reshaped genomics. NGS technologies allows obtaining huge amount of sequence data fast and at really low costs. NGS technologies have made possible great advances in biology research. Different NGS technologies, such as Roche 454, Illumina Solexa or ABI SOLiD, can be used to address different kind of experiments. From the de novo sequencing of a bacterial genome to the detection of points with genetic polymorphisms or gene expresion analysis.


NGS can help you to get the sequences you are looking for but, then what? Once you have got this huge datasets the problem now lies on data analysis. Specifically designed strategies are needed to handle such big sequence datasets. We offer bioinformatics services to obtain a more comprehensive view of your NGS data. Our multidisciplinary team can help you to extract more knowledge from your NGS data.


Besides NGS data analysis we can also help you in the design of the experiment. Tell us which goals you want to get, we will analyze the project and tell you which of the available NGS technology better fits to your needs and how the experiment could be addressed.


We also provide specific expert consultancy or establish research contracts. (See our research lines and our publications)