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cloud computing




Cloud computing provides scalable, real time, on demand computing services. This model fits with bioinformatics needs:


on-demand scalability you're likely to require a huge computing infrastructure during the analysis phase of a big sequencing project, but maybe not at all during the holiday season; so it's about being able to both grow and shrink your infrastructure
real-time adjustments If you need it now! An essential component of cloud computing is to adapt your computing infrastructure in real-time, programmatically (API calls with results in the range of minutes, if not seconds)
low costs! Cloud computing adds lowering costs to all that. You will save a lot of time by not having to maintain your own infrastructure, and, as result, you end up concentrating on knowledge-driven, value-based activities.


That's why we offer knowledge-guided automated microbial genome annotation in 24h, because the total computing time is about 1h!

Who is maintaining our data-centers? Amazon!
Our entire computing infrastructure is based on Amazon Web Services, the leading cloud services provider. Amazon has been managing a huge amount of data and private information reliably, efficiently and securely in the last few years, and it's that infrastructure they're exposing through Amazon Web Services. This means that we're able to offer enterprise-level uptimes, replicated across multiple data-centers storage... (AWS Security Whitepaper)