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Complete NGS projects

With Era7 Bioinformatics you can find Complete Solutions because we offer Complete NGS project services, from Project Design to Customized Cloud Services for your results and , of course the best Bioinformatics Services



1.- Project Design

Desingning the project is a key step for the success of a NGS experiment. It is very important to choose the adequate technologies, the kind of sequencing, the coverage, etc.  If not well designed, an experiment would not reach the expected results or would be too much expensive.

In Era7 Bioinformatics we have a lot of experience helping our customers to design the most appropriate NGS project for their goal.

2.- Sequencing.

In Era7 Bioinformatics we collaborate with the best sequencing providers across the world and at the same time we are independent of technology and thus we chose the best technology / technologies and provider / providers guided only by the goals of your project and your needs. Once obtained the sequence we run Quality Control software to be sure that the data from your samples has the highest possible quality.

3.- Assembly.

This is a crucial and not easy step that must be adapted to each kind of project. In Era7 Bioinformatics we manage different state of the art assembly software and we design the appropriate assembly strategy for your project. We are also very active in research about methods of assembly and scaffolding like our very recent design of a strategy to obtain the best of PacBio long reads to improve Illumina assemblies of the novo bacterial genomes.

4.- Annotation.

The annotation is the process making possible to predict genes and other elements of the sequence and being able to predict also the probable function of the genes. We are doing research on annotation methods from years ago and we have our own specifically designed for NGS data, method to annotate bacterial genomes: BG7. You can learn more about our BG7 bacterial genome annotation system here.

5.- Cloud Services.

Once you have your sequences annotated sometimes you need to store and analyze them by yourself in a easy way. For that you can use our Cloud Services for Storage and computing. We can develop a customized application that fits exactly your requirements. You can read more info about our Cloud Services here.

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