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When thinking about Next Generation Sequencing different platforms can be used to generate the sequence. Depending of the project one or other platform would be the choice. Furthermore, in many cases, a combination of platforms is the best option.

Different Platforms and Technologies have been used to sequence DNA.  They are very different in:

List item Length of the reads
List item Kind of errors
List item Quantity of sequence data generated
List item Price

In Era7 Bioinformatics we design the experiments combining different technologies, or using just one of them, in order to get the maximum from the sequencing project. As we are completely independent, the approach we decide has no bias.

In the past years we have been designing projects and analyzing data from all the major platforms and so, with us you will have an experienced multiplatform partner.

The main technologies being used today are:

List item Illumina

See also:

List item Ion Torrent

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List item Pacific Biosciences (PacBio)

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List item 454

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There is a lot of expectation with Oxford Nanopore for the very next future. We are waiting for data available from this new tecnology to analyze them and evaluate its possibilities and practical uses.

We collaborate with many sequence providers along the world. If you are a sequencing provider and want to offer your services integrated in our projects please contact us