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Research Lines

We actively participate as a research group in scientific networks, discussion forums and collaborative projects.

Our research group is interested in collaborative research projects and in the participation in EU projects or projects funded by other agencies.

         Our Research Lines:


              -  Bacterial Genomics  

              -  New methods for genome annotation

              -  Microbiome analysis

              -  Exoproteome 

              -  Antibiotics resistance

              -  Bacterial genome plasticity

              -  Repetitive sequences in DNA

              -  Networks visualization

              -  Local similarities between proteins

              -  Bioinformatics Algorithms for Sequence Analysis

              -  New methods for assembling genomes

              -  Graph databases for biological data

              -  Cloud Computing architectures

              -  Cathegory Theory


Please contact us if you think that our research activities and skills can be useful in the project or consortium you are designing.

Contac us: [email protected]