Era7 Bioinformatics is a company offering services. We develop products but we licensed them with an Open Source license and we offer integrated services based on our products and third party Open Source solutions.


-  Featured services:  Bacterial genome BG7 and Metagenomics MG7

-  Integrated and tailored NGS projects:

           ·  Genomics

           ·  Metagenomics

           ·  Transcriptomics: RNA-seq    

See more information about different NGS projects that we are doing here


-  Software development Services:

              ·  Cloud Computing and Storage

              ·  Tailored software development

- Services related with Era7 Open Source and research projects:

       ·  Bio4J , a bioinformatics platform integration Uniprot, Refseq, Gene Ontology, NCBI Taxonomy and Enzyme DB in a  graph database

       ·  WIP7, a method to detect local similarities between proteins

Our services are always characterized by:

- Customer oriented

We do our best to understand the objectives of the customer and to design a project integrating technologies, pipelines and Cloud resources to achieve the goal of the customer. We adapt ourselves and our solutions to your needs, and do not ask you to adapt to our methods.

- High Quality results

After using the best software and pipelines (our own software or third party Open Source solutions) we always perform sophisticated Quality Control protocols to be sure that what you get are high quality results.

- Innovation and cutting edge solutions

We are always incorporating new technologies and designing new methods and algorithms. So, working with us you have a more easy and straightforward way to discovery.

- Biologically inspired

Our concept of bioinformatics analysis is that it is a way to biological or biomedical discovery, and not an objective in itself. This central idea vertebrates all our solutions giving them a different biological flavor. We do a biological knowledge-driven bioinformatics analysis.

- Very reasonable prices

In spite of the customization and the high quality of our services the prices remain low because we are in a continuous improvement of our processes to increase their efficiency and get low costs. In addition, the use of Cloud Computing allows us to have scalability and low prices because we pay computation per use.  Our business model is hence designed around high quality and efficiency that leads to low costs.  We continuously do research for optimization of processes and for development of new Cloud Computing designs.

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