Era7 is attending the "Festival of Genomics Boston" meeting next 28-29 June at Boston, MA

Booth #530 Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, 06/28/2016 - 06/29/2016


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We are attending Festival of Genomics meetings from the very first one: The 2015 Boston meeting. After it we went to California November 2015 and to London , January 2016, and now it's time to come back to Boston. As a company based in Cambridge MA, this is the Festival Of Genomics we prefer.
And this year we come with some great news:

  • New MG7 method and DB7 database for Microbiome analysis.
  • New PacBio 16S Taxonomic Profiling Service:  full 16S gene and PCR primers outside 16S  genes provides better results and more "universal" amplification 
  • An even more skilled team of mathematicians and software developers to provide you even better Cloud Based Big Data solutions
  • And , as a bonus, an opportunity of invest in our company in a mixed Venture Capital + Crowd Funding round already openned 

Come and visit us at Booth #530 and learn more about those and more services from Era7 Bioinformatics which could help you in your Next Big Thing working with with NGS