Era7 is attending the "Festival of Genomics California" meeting next 20-21 September at San Diego

Booth #332 San Diego Convention Center, 09/20/2016 - 09/21/2016


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We have attended ALL Festival of Genomics meetings from the very first one: The 2015 Boston meeting. And this time it will not be an exception !! This is the second Festival Of Genomics in California but this time in San Diego.

A great opportunity for learning more about our services:

Microbiome analysis:

Our new MG7 pipeline and DB7 database is the best option to get better results analyzing PacBio CCS reads obtained from 16S amplicons and illumine shotgun and 16S sequences.

BG7 De novo Bacterial Genomics:

 Although PacBio technology is the best option for Bacterial de novo Genomics, illumina gets really nice results combined with our BG7 annotation system

Comparative Genomics:

Once you have one or more already sequenced and annotated genomes you can get even more useful information with our CG7 Comparative Genomics service. It includes not only SNP analysis but also assembled whole genome comparison detecting insertions deletions and rearrangements.

RNA-seq for bacteria:

Our team has a lot of experience in bacterial RNA-seq projects.

We are also excited because the recent launching of our Microbiome portal

“The Microbiome”

In addition, you can ask us for more specific and tailored services, database design, custom software development and integration of different omics results.

At last, the opportunity of investing in Era7 Bioinformatics is still open !! but for a few days:

Come and visit us at Booth #332 and learn more about those and more services from Era7 Bioinformatics which could help you in your Next Big Thing working with with NGS

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