Research in Era7 Bioinformatics

In a fast changing area, our activity is based on being able to offer cutting edge solutions. This is only possible maintaining a continuous research and innovation activity. As a result, we develop algorithms, methods and pipelines specially designed for the new and revolutionary Next Generation Sequencing technologies.

Being researchers we can design more useful tools and services for researchers

We think that being researchers we can design more useful tools and services for researchers. Besides, we are the first testers of our new developments and innovative services.

Our research activities are at the heart of era7 Bioinformatics business and, as we are Open Source, we are always able to collaborate with partners from other private companies or from Academia. You can find the main open source Research project funded by Era7 Bioinformatics:


As a proof of our commitment to R&D Era7 Bioinformatics funds the Era7 Bioinformatics Research Unit, named oh no sequences! formed by a multidisciplinary team: Bioinformaticians, mathematicians, engineers, and Biologists . We could say we love bioinformatics, genomics and category theory. You can find our research publications here:

We also obtain funding for our R&D projects from public agencies, from regional, national and European level. You can find here our partially funded by public Agencies: