16SDB7: a comprehensive database of 16S sequences

16SDB7 is a database of RNA 16S sequences that has been developed by Era7 Bioinformatics. The RNA 16S sequences are automatically curated through a procedure that extracts the information from RNAcentral. Our database is open and is included as a featured case in the section Featured use cases within the RNAcentral homepage.



16SDB7 sequences

16SDB7 is a database of sequences 16S extracted from RNAcentral [1] database, the most comprehensive compilation of non-conding RNA sequences.

Sequences from RNAcentral are included in our database if they satisfy all of the following:

  • The sequence is annotated as rRNA
  • The sequence contains no unambiguous nucleotides (only ATGC)
  • Its header description in some of the source databases contains the string 16S / 16s
  • It is present in at least one open database

The majority of the 16S sequences collected from RNAcentral following those criteria comes from the following databases:


Number of sequences in 16SDB7

In total, for its last release, 16SDB7 includes around 6 millions of 16S sequences from RNAcentral to be used as reference sequences.



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