RNA-Seq: unique insights into bacterial cell functions

RNA-seq is increasingly being used for exploring gene expression in bacteria and for refining annotation of genomes helping to get a more accurate gene prediction. Different RNA-seq approaches can be designed to get insights into the transcriptome of a specific clone, a reduced bacterial community or into the meta-transcriptome of a complex bacterial community. A very interesting approach is to do Dual RNA-seq to gain knowledge about host and pathogen relationships analyzing the expression of the pathogen's genes in relation with the expression profile of the host at different time points.

Our RNA-Seq Service provides:

  • Gene expression quantification in RPKM
  • Differential expression analysis
  • Rich functional annotation (GO, Interpro, references) for the differentially expressed genes
  • Deliverables compliant with freely available tools and browsers: Artemis, Mauve, EBI tools, Expasy tools

RNA-Seq is the new alternative to microarrays for analyzing gene expression obtaining a quick profiling of your transcriptome.  One advantage of RNA-Seq over Expression Arrays is that RNA-Seq experiments are not species specific in terms that it is not necessary to design and develop a specific array for each species. Another crucial advantage is that you can discover unknown new transcripts.  An additional advantage is the possibility of detecting from which strand come each read. It allows to analyze different types of non-coding RNAs that would remain undetected with other techniques.

We work with the most advanced pipelines based in programs as Tophat and Cufflinks. We add rich functional data to your results and provide you gene ontology analysis.

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