Era7 is granted with $430 K to develop a bioinformatics platform integrated with the Electronic Health Record for human microbiome analysis



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The ministry of Industry through their Agency CDTI has granted $1 M to the consortium CARDIOBIOME in which Era7 Bioinformatics has the task of developing a cloud based bioinformatics platform for the analysis of 16S data from human microbiomes and for facilitating the integration with EHR (Electronic Health Record) following standards like HL7, FHIR and SMART.

The Project will be focused on Acute Myocardial Infarction as proof of concept and more than 4000 samples from patients will be sequenced. “This new research and development project will be a new impulse for getting our goal: to be an international reference for 16S metagenomics, especially for microbiome projects” declared Dr. Eduardo Pareja, CEO of Era7. “The general interest in getting genomics data integrated with health care pipelines and EHR should be complemented with the integration of 16S metagenomics results since these results will be very important as useful biomarkers for prevention, diagnosis and follow-up of many diseases. In Era7, we are convinced that Precision Medicine will incorporate in the EHR 16S data from different microbiomes: oral, gut, blood, skin, bronchial or from disease-specific regions as tumors or abscesses.” Added Eduardo Pareja.

Microbiome analysis is an exponentially growing application of NGS not only for human health studies but also for sectors such as animal and plant health, industry, biofuel or agrifood.

In addition to this $430 K grant, very recently, Era7 was awarded with another grant for 16S metagenomics research (see more).

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