Era7 announces the launching of the new genomics laboratory Genome7



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In the context of the collaboration of Era7 Bioinformatics and its new partner Laboratorios Larrasa SL, Era7 announces today the launching of Genome7, a new highly innovative Genomics Lab.

Next Generation Sequencing is changing our concepts in crucial research areas. In the short term it will have an even deeper impact on all life sciences research fields.

The new Genome7 Laboratory integrates cutting-edge automation technologies and the most powerful sequencing platforms with advanced bioinformatics pipelines specifically designed to obtain complete solutions for genomics, metagenomics and transcriptomics NGS projects. Genome7 Laboratory has been designed to optimize the complete process applying our more than 10 years in-house experience in NGS to all the crucial points of the analysis.

“Today we have reached an important milestone as from now we will offer to our customers a complete and integrated NGS service, from samples to findings, as we have designed and set up this lab integrating, from the beginning, genomics lab, sequencing and bioinformatics.”

Declared Dr. Eduardo Pareja, Era7 Bioinformatics’ CEO.

Genome7 Laboratory is based in Spain and has more than 7000 square feet. It is designed with advanced lab automation technologies and robots and with the best short reads and long reads sequencing technologies available today.

“For Laboratorios Larrasa this is a special day because Genome7 will allow our company to provide NGS services with a global scope backed by Era7’s Bioinformatics methods.”

Declared Dr. Jose Larrasa, Laboratorios Larrasa’s CEO.

Genome7 offers a wide range of NGS services: Human Genomics with a special focus on Cancer Genomics, Bacterial Genomics, Microbiome analysis, Immunogenomics and different RNA-Seq applications. The services will be oriented to all kinds of organisms and to all the sectors in which NGS is being applied.

“The combination of a highly innovative wet lab, the cloud based bioinformatics data analysis and the cutting edge equipment with the essentially innovative vocation of Genome7 team will assure a very successful future to this new innovative genomics laboratory providing services for crucial sectors such as Medicine, Human health, Biotech, Agrifood, Biofuels, Environmental sciences and basic research in general.”

Added Dr. Pareja.

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