The First iSeq 100 illumina sequencer in Spain comes to Era7's Lab



Imagen Noticia

The newest illumina sequencer is very different sequencer. It opens a new era sometimes called "home sequencing". Its ia a great combination of the well known illumina's sequencing by synthesis with CMOS technology. Important iSeq 100 features are:

  • Fast runs, less than 24 hours in 2x150 pairend 
  • Easy to operate
  • Small size
  • Low price of the instrument: less than $20 K

Although iSeq 100 is the smallest illumina sequencer it is still able to sequence more than 1 Gigabase per run, more than nueclotides per run !

With the new , first in Spain, iSeq 100 sequencer , Era7 design and run NGS projects that can be based in NovaSeq 6000, MiSeq, Sequel from PacBio and , now, iSeq 100