Rafer SL invests in Spanish NGS leader Era7 Bioinformatics to accelerate Era7's International expansion plan



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Era7 Bioinformatics and Comercial Rafer announced that Rafer has made an strategic investment in Era7 Bioinformatics to accelerate the International expansion of Era7 Bioinformatics, the bacterial genomics company. This expansion will target specially the US market. 

Next Generation Sequencing is revolutionizing the way in which researchers investigate bacteria. Bacterial genomics and metagenomics are powerful tools for research in fields as important as antibiotic resistance, evolution of pathogens or outbreak management. Bacterial genomics and metagenomics are also very useful for Biofuel research and many industrial and agrifood projects. 

"Having Comercial Rafer, a leader in the distribution of advanced technologies focused on Biomedicine, ensures the success of our International Expansion Plan”, declared Eduardo Pareja, CEO of Era7. Jesus Ramos, Manager of Comercial Rafer, adds “Our entry into Era7´s capital means a big step in our strategic plan to increase Rafer's presence in the NGS market since this is a durable alliance with a leader in this field such as Era7".  Pareja also remarked: "One of the first results of this Alliance is a Distribution Agreement for the Era7´s services through Rafer. This will allow Era7 to considerably increase its customer’s portfolio in Spain and Portugal”. 

Press Release in the PDF attached. 

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