Era7 Bioinformatics’ Bio4j project team attends final meeting of Google Summer of Code 2014 in California



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Bio4J was selected this year as a project for being funded by the Google Summer of Code 2014. After months of work, the program ended with a really successful participation of Era7 Bioinformatics team.

Google Summer of Code is a 10-year-old global program that offers funding to leading Open Source projects from all kind of knowledge areas. This is done by means of funding directly students all over the world to help in some new functionalities or improvements of selected Open Source projects. Google tries to identify and fund exciting projects like Era7 Bioinformatics’ Bio4j.

To celebrate the success of this program, Google organised a meeting in its headquarters from 23rd to 26th October and invited delegates from each successfully participating organisation to greet and collaborate. Two Era7 Bioinformatics delegates attended the event at Mountain View Google’s offices and participated actively in the different activities organised by Google.

“This project has been a great opportunity to make our Bio4j platform an even more useful and valuable tool that we use under the hood of many of our pipelines and services, like BG7 and Genome7”, said Eduardo Pareja, CEO of Era7 Bioinformatics. “Based, in part, in these improvements, we can offer now tailored Bio4j based services to be used by other parties in their bioinformatics solutions”, added Dr. Pareja.

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