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WIP7: Local similarities between proteins

WIP7 (Words In Proteins), a system for the detection of significant local similarities between proteins

Finding significant local similarities between proteins is an important task because this could lead to the discovery of important new functions of a protein.
For example, if protein "A" binds protein "B" and protein "X" is similar to protein "A" in the domain responsible for the binding, then it is very probable that protein "X" also binds protein "B".
Some viral and bacterial proteins mimic host proteins to interact with host receptors or to evade immune system. Methods as BLAST designed for detecting sequence similarity between evolutionary related sequences could not detect these important host-interaction driven similarities acquired by convergent evolution phenomena.
WIP7 is a method developed by Era7 Bioinformatics that detects local similarities in very short sequence regions that sometimes are not detected by BLAST.
The service is completely tailored and has the following steps:
     -  To define the protein or proteins of interest
     -  To define the set of reference proteins to be compared with the protein/s of interest searching for local similarities
     -  Elaboration of a quotation for the project
     -  Performing the analysis
     -  Sending the reports to the customer.

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