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BG7, the Open Source Bacterial Genome annotation system from Era7 Bioinformatics gets published in PLOS ONE

Bacteria are all over the world involved in a huge amount of good and bad things. Some of them causes threatening infectious diseases and some other are responsible for many food fermentations, biofuel production or even are necessary to keep us...

Spanish Research Team Uses Roche's GS FLX+ System to Sequence Antibiotic Resistance Bacteria in Recent Hospital Outbreak

A team of researchers from the Hospital Universitario La Paz Research Institute (IdiPAZ, Madrid), LifeSequencing S.L. (Valencia), Era7 Bioinformatics (Madrid) and Roche Spain (Barcelona) announced today the sequencing of the whole genome of three...

BG7 is selected by Pacific Biosciences as partner product.

Complete BG7, our bacterial genome annotation system, has been selected by Pacific Biosciences to be included in their partner products:

On February 15, 2012, PacBio News Release...

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