BG7, the Open Source Bacterial Genome annotation system from Era7 Bioinformatics gets published in PLOS ONE


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Bacteria are all over the world involved in a huge amount of good and bad things. Some of them causes threatening infectious diseases and some other are responsible for many food fermentations, biofuel production or even are necessary to keep us healthy being part of our gut or mouth normal flora. Thus, there is a strong interest in knowing their genomes and in fact more than a half of all the genomic information available today comes from bacteria. Next Generation Sequencing technologies have radically changed the scenario of genomic data acquisition by means of lowering the sequencing prices by a factor of more than one thousand along the past five years. New methods, specially designed for Next Generation Sequencing Data, for analyzing bacterial genomes are needed.

BG7 bacterial genome annotation system from Era7 Bioinformatics is specially designed for Next Generation Sequencing data. BG7 is tolerant for the typical errors of NGS data and able to get a good functional annotation for a bacterial genome in the draft stage even when the genome is fragmented in thousands of contigs. An original approach that integrates, in only one step, gene prediction and functional annotation, makes possible this optimal performance for NGS bacterial genome data.

The open source BG7 system that was successfully used last year to get one of the first annotations of the E. coli German outbreak genome ( has just been published in the open access journal PLOS ONE:

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