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array analysis

Era7 Bioinformatics offers customized services of array data analysis. These services consist of:


  • Enrichment and functional analysis according to GO and KEGG terms, transcriptional factors and expression profiles
  • Gene Clustering analysis
  • Data analysis supported by text mining

These services are completely designed according to our client needs and they are focused on helping researchers to get the most out of their array data. Besides, we also offer advice about statistics significance of the results obtained and consultancy in data interpretation.



Functional analysis
Our array data functional analysis process applies to the data a set of strategies to extract functional information selectively oriented to client goals. We can apply tests of enrichment in GO and KEGG terms, in genes regulated by specific transcription factors, analyze expression profiles or cluster genes into groups according to different criteria specified by the client. This service is completely customizable so the client is free to choose the study viewpoint and goals.
Text mining based analysis
We also offer improving analysis through the use of our own text mining based techniques. These techniques allow to get knowledge based on the association of gene identifiers with keywords related to the study subject.