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genetic variant analysis of viral quasi-species

Next generation sequencing technologies allow to characterize and quantify the different viral quasi-species within a sample, based on the sequencing of target genes.


The resulting data of this kind of protocols is a set of viral proteins sequence fragments, which needs further analysis,


clustering reads are assigned to previously defined groups, or clustered by sequence composition or any other set of parameters

identification variants need to be identified, considering previously described variants and the presence of possibly new ones

drug resistanceidentify variants with known drug resistance association thorugh literature search and subsequent comparison with the sample


Applications of this kind of studies are multiple; for example, ultra-deep sequencing is being applied in AIDS patients management, allowing the detection of variants constituting as little as 1% of the viral population. These variants, not detected by traditional techniques, can be a key factor when choosing a treatment regimen.


Our variant analysis offer includes project-specific statistical analysis, relevant literature and databases search, and custom computational analysis.

We also perform workflow identification, and provide custom implementations and both in-house or cloud-based deployments (see our workflow design and implementation service).


More detailed information is in our variant analysis brochure.