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bacterial genome annotation

Recently, due to the development of the next generation sequencing technologies, the amount of sequence data has strongly increased. With these new technologies sequencing prokaryote genomes is getting faster and cheaper.


We have developed a semi-automatic annotation system that offers a high-quality and quick annotation of prokaryote genomes. Our system allows the prediction of:


  • Gene sequences
  • The function of the predicted genes
  • rRNAs and tRNAs regions
  • Non-coding sequences

As it is based on the data of previously annotated genomes available in public databases we are continuously updating the system so we always use the latest release of these databases.

As output you get:


  • The annotation data in several formats like flat text file, DBs...
  • The sequences of all predicted elements in FASTA format
  • Additional information, such as UniProt data, of predicted genes