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bioinformatics consultancy

Era7 Bioinformatics offers specialized consultancy in:


  • Analysis and study of sequences
  • Bacterial Genomics
  • Databases of genomics data
  • Databases of proteins information

Our service of expert consultancy provides totally personalized services specifically oriented to the client’s needs. From a research contract to address a purely scientific question to the development of practical solutions for solve problems related to a product in a biotech company.


We analyze the problems posed by our clients to get solutions adapted to the client’s needs. Our integrated service include from the initial analysis of the problem to the implementation of the final solution. Our team also includes experts in information technologies that can analyze the most appropriate technologies and strategies to implement tools and databases.


We are experts in biological databases within the knowledge area of genomics and metagenomics.


We offer a service of consultancy about a specific protein or protein set. In this service we carry out an in detail review of the available knowledge about. Our experts analyze the content of relevant publications and elaborate a detailed report with the studied data. Our data sources are the PubMed publications and a complete set of biological databases available for the scientific community.