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sequence analysis

Next generation sequencing tecnologies (NGS) have broken many experimental barriers to genome scale sequencing facilitating the extraction of huge amount of sequences but, in some sense they have moved the barriers to the data analysis phase.


Our offer is designed to overcome these barriers, and get the most out of your sequencing data:


NGS sequence assembly
The assembly of sequence fragments obtained by NGS technologies requires both considerable computing power and technology-specific algorithms
Metagenomics data analysis
Metagenomics data are especially difficult to manage but it is undoubtly a worthwhile challenge, taking into account the amazing results that can be obtained. We offer a specific service for metagenomics data analysis, supported by our cloud based computing infrastructure.
Viral quasi-species analysis
NGS technologies allow characterize and quantify the different variants of proteins from viral quasi-especies present in a sample by means of target gene sequencing. We analyze sequencing data and develop statistical studies of polymorphic points and haplotype frequency analysis.
Genome assembly refinement
In many cases an expert analysis can improve the automatic assembly provided by the application of the sequencer standard software package. We can improve the quality of the assembly, using alternative algorithms and applying strategies based on functional annotation data.
Statistical analysis
We can help you to face statistical analysis of NGS data. Tell usabout your needs and we will design a specific statistical study.