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genome annotation

Sequence functional characterization is the fundamental goal of the majority of sequencing projects. Era7 Bioinformatics offers a set of services that are designed to help you to get the most out of your sequencing experiments:


Semiautomatic Bacterial genome annotation
Era7 Bioinformatics offers a complete annotation of a genome using a semiautomatic system specically designed for bacterial genomes. The system allows the definition of CDSs and their functional annotation based on BLAST similarities. We search for the sequences against the latest release of the UNIPROT protein database, assuring a completely up to date reference sequence set. We also detect and annotate transfer and ribosomal RNAs. Our annotation workflow is under continuous review and update, open to incorporate new useful analysis tools. (more information)
Semi-automated Viral genome annotation
Next generation sequencing is a new option to obtain complete viral genomes. Era7 Bioinformatics offers specific solutions to annotate viral genomes sequenced with NGS technologies. Although it is a semi-automated process, an expert in genomics designs an specific process and checks manually the annotation for each project since each genome is different and particular. (more information)
Manual annotation
This annotation service is based on manual analysis by our experts. They have the interdisciplinary background in bacterial genomics and bioinformatics needed to analyze the sequences from both biomedical and bioinformatics perspectives. The orientation of the annotation and the level of research activity needed to analyze the sequences is defined specifically for each project. We can also explore only specific aspects of the sequences, such as enzymatic activity, its role with respect to some defined functional network, ... (more information)
Do you need consultancy on bacterial genomics? If you need an expert´s point of view to solve a problem Era7 Bioinformatics can help you. Just check out its R&D; activity in bacterial genomics here.