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database design and development

We are expert in the design and development of biological databases. We have a strong background in the design and development of databases of:


  • Proteins
  • NGS Sequencing data

You can have your database designed and developed by the designers and developers of databases such as:


Bio4j database (, developed by our research group Oh No Sequences!. Bio4j is a bioinformatics graph based DB including most data available in UniProt (SwissProt + Trembl) plus Gene Ontology (GO) and UniRef (50,90,100). (Manuscript in preparation).

(Click here to visit ExtraTrain, a database developed by Era7 Bioinformatics)


We have a multidisciplinary team able to offer an integrative service that can include from the design and development of the database to its implementation in your system.


Protein databases
In Era7 Bioinformatics we have a strong background in the development of protein databases. Our interdisciplinary team is able to develop protein databases designed using expert scientific knowledge, with a solid architecture and in addition with user friendly interfaces specially designed for the management of protein data by scientists or any other fixed users.
Sequencing projects databases
Recently, due to the development of the new sequencing technologies NGS, the sequencing of genomes, transcriptomes and genetic variants is getting easier and faster. However the output of these kinds of technologies are difficult to manage as they generate vast amount of data. We offer databases specially designed for this kind of data helping the user to manage and interpret the sequences obtained via NGS technologies. We are expert in the design and development of databases and user friendly interfaces that help users to access and manage their data.