Metagenomics: MG7. Microbial diversity analysis using cloud computing: your metagenomics data quickly analyzed

Metagenomics has brought new challenges to bioinformatics. Cloud computing solves the problem of massive data analysis providing scalable, real time, on demand computing for metagenomics data analysis. From 16S rRNA analysis to functional profiling of complex metagenomics samples, we offer a quick analysis of massive data.

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Traditional microbial genome sequencing relies upon cultivated clonal cultures but the new era of genomics is facing a new challenge: the metagenomics analysis.

Genomics analysis of the microbial communities contained in an environmental sample is one of the applications of Next Generation Sequencing Data both, in the case of 16S or 18S metagenomics or in the case of shotgun metagenomics.

Our NGS data annotation process:

-  Tolerant to errors inherent to NGS
-  Able to annotate huge ammount of sequences
-  Biodiversity profile
-  Functional profile
-  Customized to client specific goals


Our results:

-  A quick and complete annotation
-  Rich in functional annotations
-  Deliverables in standard formats compatible with third party tools


Era7 Bioinformatics is especially committed to provide assistance in the management of metagenomics data. We adapt our metagenomics data analysis service to the requirements of each project and design solutions totally adapted to specific goals such as detection of proteins with specific functionalities or enzymatic activities, analysis of biodiversity, study of the abundance of microbial species under varying environmental conditions or analysis of metabolic pathways. No problem if  the analysis requires super-computation capabilities because we use cloud computing.


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