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Era7 Bioinformatics is a leading company in Next Generation Sequencing services

Next Generation Sequencing is a huge revolution in DNA sequencing impacting a large number of biomedical, biotechnological and industrial activities.

Our mission is to help our customer to obtain the maximum value from their NGS projects. For that purpose, we offer help in all the steps of the NGS project being a partner for the complete NGS project.

Our business model is based on:

List itemResearch

We think that being ourself researchers (see our research activity here) not only we improve our services every day but we know better the needs of our customers.

List itemOpen Source

We think that today’s bioinformatics is only possible being Open Source

List itemCloud Computing

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) by means of the use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) leads to real scalability and low cost for our customers. See more here.

List itemIntegrated Services

We know that the goal of a project is to gain knowledge and for that , it is very important to design accordingly the project, to get a sequence of high quality, to analyze it in best possible way and to be able of managing the results easily. Thus, we like to help along all the process collaborating to the success of the project.

But the key for us is our Team.

A young, multidisciplinary and enthusiastic group of people which enjoys working with sequences.

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Short video summarizing Era7 Bioinformatics activity