Finding differences between genomes with CG7

Comparative Genomics to obtain relevant results

Doing comparative Genomics can lead to the discovery of important functional features of the genomes. When several related genomes are available different methods tries to discover similarities and differences at different levels, from SNPs and short insertions and deletions to overall genome organization.

We have protocols for pairwise comparative genomics analysis in which you can obtain key knowledge from:

  •   Global pairwise genome alignment
  •   SNPs analysis
  •   Structural variations
  •   Copy Number Variations
  •   Mobile Elements: type and distribution
  •   Repetitive elements like REP (Repetitive Extragenics Palyndromic sequences)
  •   Differences in plasmids
  •   Virulence factors
  •   Antibiotic Resistance

These kind of analysis gives the better results when a high quality de novo assembly has been obtained for the genomes to be compared like the one yo can get with our AG7 approach to integrate short illumina reads with PacBio CCS reads. In the same way, our annotation method BG7 produces high quality annotations that allow to get relevant results in a comparative genomics study.

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